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agri benchmark will be restructured into ‘global networks’
In recent years agri benchmark has developed rather rapidly, there are new branches, more partners and projects. The current technical and legal management of agri benchmark does not meet the requirements associated with the growth potential anymore.
Thus we established a gGmbH (non-profit limited company) which is run by strategic partners of agri benchmark. ‘global networks’ will promote the scientific understanding of global agriculture and associated activities such as forestry and fishery, particularly by supporting long-term international networking activities.

Thanks a lot!
Barbara Wildegger
At the end of 2015 our colleague Barbara Wildegger left us for personal reasons and moved away from Braunschweig. We would like to thank Barbara for all her contributions in the last 3 years. We are sure it is not only us who miss her and wish her all the best for her future.

Welcome Paraguay as a new partner in the beef and sheep network
We welcome our new partner for beef from Paraguay: CEA Consorcio de Ganaderos para Experimentacion Agropecuaria, represented by their CEO Andrés Adorno Caballero and Joaquin Gonzalez Caballero. Paraguay has shown a strong growth in beef production and exports in the last years.

Write your thesis at the Thünen Institute
write your thesis
For students, we offer an opportunity to write an undergraduate, master‘s or PhD thesis. Students are welcome from all universities and colleges in Germany and from abroad.

More information for students on our homepage www.agribenchmark.org

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January, 2016
Dear Readers,
claus deblitz (©Thuenen-Institute) We wish all of you a healthy, successful and prosperous year 2016. It is with pleasure to present the sixth agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Newsletter.
It presents you with a mixture of our standard work, projects and some special analysis. Enjoy the reading and give us some feedback if you wish.
We hope you enjoy reading!

Claus Deblitz
Coordinator of the agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Network

Beef and Sheep Report 2015 - Now Available
The annual published Beef and Sheep reports contain the main findings of the sector, emphasising the comparative analysis of the competitiveness of the production of beef and sheep, among the participating countries.
The 2015 report provides an update of global world maps and charts, a continuation of the country page information of our member countries, world maps of production systems and profitability changes as well as farm level analysis.
cover beef and sheep report 2015
A printed version can be ordered www.agribenchmark.org

New project: Mitigating agriculture GHG emissions towards wider opportunities
cows From January 2016 this FAO-funded project will be running. The aim is to develop and systematize new information on GHG (Greenhouse gas) mitigation through changes in management practices.
Associated impacts on costs for crop production, livestock production and grazing land management systems are analyzed. Countries included have to be finally decided but envisaged are: Colombia, China, Kenya and Morocco (cattle) as well as Indonesia (palm oil), China (corn), and Vietnam (rice). logo FAO
agri benchmark will analyse the status quo as well as mitigation strategies from a productive, economic and environmental perspective, including GHG emissions. Close cooperation with the local network partners is foreseen.
For further information please contact ✉  Elizabeth Lunik

New project: Taking land use change out of commodity production in savannahs and grasslands through policy engagement, land use planning and best management practices
Grassland areas in Colombia and Paraguay are under pressure due to the increased agricultural production in these countries. agri benchmark is involved in a new, WWF-funded project which develops and improves methods to reach a climate-smart land use planning considering biodiversity and carbon level of the areas as well as hydrological dynamics and potential reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. logo WWF
Best management practices will be established and tested on pilot farms. agri benchmark will analyse the status quo as well as land use strategies under productive, economic and environmental aspects.
Cooperation with local experts, producers and advisors is foreseen. We inform you about the development in the project in the following newsletters.
For further information please contact ✉  Claus Deblitz

How economic are different housing systems for beef finishing with regard to animal protection?
cow in stable The master thesis of Roland Wolken, a university student at Göttingen, shows the economic analysis of different housing systems for beef finishing in terms of animal protection.
He used agri benchmark data to compare a baseline scenario (fully slatted floor) with the costs for different scenarios offering more animal protection.
The German thesis can be ordered (for free) from order@agribenchmark.org.
An English working paper will be available soon on the agri benchmark website and a paper in German language will be available mid 2016.

News and Results
In this section you find short information in regular intervals on particularities of production, sector, policy or trade in agri benchmark member countries.
cows Beef and sheep prices - which policy framework conditions have the highest impact?
This was one of the questions answered during this year’s Beef and Sheep Conference. The session considered important events in the last years in policy framework with the most significant economic impact on beef and sheep farming. Here are selected results for some countries:
» Read more

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