Beef and Sheep Report

The Beef and Sheep Report 2017 can be ordered  exclusively as a printed version. We don´t provide the Beef and Sheep Report as a pdf-document. 

agri benchmark partners receive 20 copies of the current Beef and Sheep Report and PDF-versions of the previous reports.

The price of the Beef and Sheep Report is EUR 50 per copy plus shipping cost plus VAT (7 %) where applicable.

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For non-german enterprises we can offer to deliver without charging VAT. If you like to receive the Beef and Sheep Report 2017 exclusive VAT, please attach your company´s tax ID-Number.

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Please make sure that all data given is correct. This is no purchase. It is just an order. You will receive further information about types of payment available and details about shipping, depending on your home country.

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If you prefer to order Beef and Sheep Reports via email, please use the following address:
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