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Welcome to the Pig Team
We heartly welcome Christa Rohlmann to the agri benchmark Center in Braunschweig. Christa studied Agricultural Economics (Agri Business) at the Georg-August-University Goettingen. She joined the team in 2017 after finishing her master thesis on the rentability of different farrowing pens. Christa's main focus on research are animal welfare respectively the conflict between environmental protection and animal welfare.
christa rohlmann (©Thuenen-Institute)

Pig Conference 2018 in Italy
The next agri benchmark Pig / InterPIG Conference will take place in Reggio Emilia, the capital of the region Emilia-Romagna, Italy from July 2nd to 4th.
In addition to the annual topics on the latest developments, global overview and international comparisons, next year's focus will be on animal welfare and health, the reduction of antibiotics, manure management and the conflicting goals of animal welfare and environmental protection. In addition, a view into the perspective of pig farming is given. The agri benchmark team from Braunschweig is looking forward to visiting the Parma region of Italy.

Thanks a lot - and welcome!
insa folkerts
Insa Folkerts worked as conference and event manager with us in the last four conferences (Italy, Colombia, Spain and Canada). She has now decided to leave the Thünen Institute to take up a new job as an event manager with the German Research Foundation (DFG). We will miss her sadly but wish her a successful new job and a bright future!
As a successor of Insa we have won Alison Blatchford who recently move to Braunschweig, together with her husband Giles Blatchford who now works with global networks.
alison blatchford

Write your thesis at the Thünen Institute
write your thesis
For students, we offer an opportunity to write an undergraduate, master‘s or PhD thesis. Students are welcome from all universities and colleges in Germany and from abroad.

More information for students on our homepage www.agribenchmark.org

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December, 2017
Dear readers,
Mandes Verhaagh we are happy present you the 2nd edition of our Pig Newsletter with the latest developments of outputs, projects and people. As announced agri benchmark Pig published the second Pig Report in December 2017. This issue focuses on German pork production, including animal welfare related initiatives and an analysis of the German trade with pork meat.
We also send you season’s greetings and wish you a merry Christmas and an excellent start into a peaceful, healthy and success-ful year 2018.
Mandes Verhaagh
Project manager of the agri benchmark Pig Network

Pig Report 2017 - Now Available
Since the German agri benchmark Pig Network expanded during the last year significally, the Pig Report 2017 puts focus on German pork production, animal welfare and trade of pork meat in Germany. Therefore the first version of the report is in German.
You can scroll through the complete report for free! Just click on the picture below.
view in pig report 02

ExTraPIG – Data Selection & Analysis Tool
Our master student Sophia Krone has passed her degree and we congratulate her on this occasion. Her thesis „Development of a concept for the analysis of product-specific external trade in pigmeat and offal based on the example of Germany“ shows the need to take a closer look at external trade. The cutting of the carcass into different cuts means that many different products are traded globally. It is also an explanation for the fact that – like Germany – there is a number of countries which import and export pig meat at the same time, but in terms of different cuts.
And finally, comparable products are traded in completely different quantities and prices with different trading partners.
Within the scope of this work, the analysis tool ExTraPIG was developed with which bilateral trade flows on different aggregation levels can be conveniently evaluated and graphically displayed. A selection of these graphs is presented in the Pig Report 2017 using the example of German foreign trade in pig meat and offal as an example.

Pig Conference 2017
The Pig Conference 2017 was jointly run by the two networks agri benchmark Pig und InterPig in Wageningen. Based on different methodological approaches both data set came to quite similar results regarding up-to-date trends in pork production and market developments.
A short overview of results you find here:
End of the dry spell: situation of the pig sector looks brighter
(Press release)
Schwein gehabt: Es geht wieder aufwärts
participants pig conference 2017

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and agri benchmark to intensify collaboration
The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the Thünen Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Braunschweig to strengthen their ties. One key area in which collaboration will be intensified is the project agri benchmark.
As one milestone in developing this partnership the agri benchmark Conferences will take place in Beijing, China: 2018 Cash Crop Conference, 2019 Beef and Sheep Conference, 2019 Pig Conference.
mandes verhaagh visits caas
These results were achieved during Mandes Verhaagh's visit to Beijing. In addition to the planning of the conferences, it was about common work goals and projects as well as a presentation at the CIAR Outlook conference. There, the new results from the international comparison of our agri benchmark data were presented and included in an international comparison of the competitiveness of pig production.

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