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Goodbye Tobias!
Congratulations to Tobias, our coordinator of the agri benchmark Fish Network, and welcome to the world of parenthood! He got a wonderful daughter and went on parental leave. Goodbye and blessings to you and your family during this precious time. We hope you have a great time at home with your beautiful bundle of joy. All the best to your family. Take care!
babyshoes (©Thuenen-Institute)

Welcome aboard Cornelia!
The whole agri benchmark Fish team welcomes our new colleague Cornelia! Cornelia will support our team and we are grateful of having her. Cornelia Kreiß is a marine biologist with a strong background in fish biology. Besides her scientific work, she has experience in the field of international organic certification of aquaculture production systems and seafood processing plants. Her research interests include economics of aquaculture production systems as well as sustainable strategies of the aquaculture sector. We are sure she can contribute a lot to our network’s success and improvement. Welcome aboard new buddy! We hope you will have an amazing time working with us.
Cornelia (©Thuenen-Institute)

Write your thesis at the Thünen Institute
write your thesis
For students, we offer an opportunity to write an undergraduate, master‘s or PhD thesis. Students are welcome from all universities and colleges in Germany and from abroad.

More information for students on our homepage www.agribenchmark.org

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March, 2017
Dear agri benchmark Fish friends,
Sarah Simons (©Thuenen-Institute) Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. The agri benchmark Fish team has enjoyed their family time, and they are all looking forward to continuing with agri benchmark Fish with lots of exciting topics planned in the coming months. We have ambitious plans for 2017 to build the network and to attract more partners. The agri benchmark Fish network got off to a good start in 2017!
I am delighted to introduce the second agri benchmark Fish newsletter. Enjoy reading and take care !
Sarah Simons
Member of the agri benchmark Fish Network

Aquaculture Expert Workshop
Within the scope of the Horizon 2020 Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the European Seafood sector (SUCCESS, 2015-2018, www.success-h2020.eu) we hosted an Aquaculture Expert Workshop in Hamburg.
The main goal was to identify the key issues linked to an expansion of the aquaculture sector and to synergise approaches of the European fisheries and aquaculture research. Bringing together experts and stakeholders from the fields of nature conservation, politics, economy, science and administration the present and future of aquaculture in Germany have been discussed.
The plurality and complexity of authorization procedures, too strict regulations, difficult marketing for newcomers, struggling price competitiveness with imports, lag in modernization, contradictions between consumers‘ expectations towards the sustainability of aquaculture products and consumers‘ pay behavior, disunity between the federal states and the national state as well as in-between the federal states are only some topics perceived by the stakeholders as main challenges for German aquaculture.

Joining a RAS focus group meeting
workshop In February we joined a focus group on fish production in recirculatory systems organized by Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development as part of the EU project SUFISA in Lower Saxony.
Challenges, opportunities, strategies, expectations and achievements within the German recirculatory system sector were identified during this fruitful meeting. The promising results will be followed up.

Integrating fisheries
In a first pilot study we successfully applied the typical farm approach of the agri benchmark network in the German saithe fishery. The aim is to use vessel economic data to analyze the profitability, productivity and viability of different fishery systems. Moreover, the integration of fisheries data into the agri benchmark network allows us to compare products of wild caught species and farmed species on an international level.

Did you know?
In this section you find short information in regular intervals on particularities of production, sector, policy or trade in agri benchmark member countries.
fish shop Vietnamese pangasius competes with traditional wild caught saithe and cod in Germany
The EU whitefish market is fairly complex in terms of competition and substitution between species, especially since it has undergone significant changes owing to the growing aquaculture sector in recent years.
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