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Welcome Vietnam!
In March we had a focus group on catfish and shrimps at the Vietnamese Southern Center of Agricultural Rural Policy and Strategy (SCAP) in Ho Chi Minh City and a fantastic fieldwork at various places in Mekong Delta. Welcome to Nguyen Van Giap and his staff, who joined our network looking forward the economics of catfish and shrimp farms in an international comparison.
Vietnamese fisher (©Thuenen-Institute)

Welcome UK!
Britain may leave the EU, but the UK Centre for Environment Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) has joined agri benchmark Fish. Welcome to Birgit Oidtmann from CEFAS. Birgit is one of our CERES partners, too and she is keen interested in questions regarding farm economics due to changing environmental conditions.

Write your thesis at the Thünen Institute
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For students, we offer an opportunity to write an undergraduate, master‘s or PhD thesis. Students are welcome from all universities and colleges in Germany and from abroad.

More information for students on our homepage www.agribenchmark.org

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July, 2016
Dear Friends of agri benchmark Fish,
Tobias Lasner (©Thuenen-Institute) People say, summer is the annual permission to be lazy… well, that does not apply for agri benchmark Fish!
Please find in the first agri benchmark Fish Newsletter the last developments of our small and smart network for your interest.

Eat more fish, enjoy your summer and keep care!
Tobias Lasner
Coordinator of the agri benchmark Fish Network

New scientific paper out now!
The early view of the article “Establishing a benchmarking for fish farming – Profitability, productivity and energy efficiency of German, Danish and Turkish rainbow trout grow-out systems” is out now. Our Aquaculture Research article presents the work of agri benchmark Fish towards the scientific readership for the first time.
cover aquaculture
Thuenen staff can download the article as a pdf at the
online library wiley
If you can´t download the article, please contact
✉ Tobias Lasner

Kick-off Meeting CERES
The Horizon 2020 Project Climate Change and European aquatic RESources (CERES, 2016-2020) has started up its activities in April. CERES aims to a understanding of how climate change will influence Europe’s fish and seafood sector. logo Ceres
agri benchmark Fish and the typical farm approach will help to analyze the economic impacts of changing climate conditions on farm level.
More details about the project you find on the project´s website:
Horizon 2020 Project - CERES

Fieldwork in Bavaria done
Against the background of the Horizon 2020 Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector (SUCCESS, 2015-2018, www.success-h2020.eu) a fieldwork of the carp case study took place at June in the German region Aischgrund with great support from the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture, Institute for Fisheries, Department for Carp Farming we had an in-depth focus group on the economics of small-scale carp farms.

Did you know?
In this section you find short information in regular intervals on particularities of production, sector, policy or trade in agri benchmark member countries.
trout raceway Iran and Turkey are the world-leading producers of trout in freshwater
The countries with the shortest history of trout farming became the biggest producers of rainbow trout during the last decades. EU-countries with a long history of trout farming in ponds instead remain on decidedly lower production level.
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