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Switzerland - A new partner in the Beef and Sheep Network
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We welcome Andreas Hochuli from the Berner University of Applied Science as well as Victor Anspach from Anspach Engineers as new research partners in the network. A four years contract was signed between agri benchmark and the new Swiss partners.

Job Vacancy I
Are you interested in working for agri benchmark? Please find our current vacancy here:

Research scientist in the field of 'Economics of intensive livestock production'
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Please note that the legally binding version is in German and can be found here:

Wissenschaftlerin / Wissenschaftler für den Arbeitsbereich „Ökonomik der Veredelungsproduktion"
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Job Vacancy II
The Thuenen Institute is looking for a

Research scientist in the field of 'Economics of milk production'
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This job requires a good knowledge of German.

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July, 2015
Dear Readers,
claus deblitz (©Thuenen-Institute) We are delighted to send you the fifth agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Newsletter.
You find information about the Beef and Sheep Conference 2015, which took place in Colombia. Furthermore a study identifying the costs of production for forages in different European countries is published.
We hope you enjoy reading!

Claus Deblitz
Coordinator of the agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Network

Beef and Sheep Conference 2015
Participants of BSC 2015
The Beef and Sheep Conference 2015 hosted by the Colombian agri benchmark partners FEDEGAN and CIPAV took place in Valledupar, Columbia from June 11-17. Around 40 participants from more than 20 countries joined the event.
For more information have a look:
»  Press Release Beef and Sheep Conference 2015
The presentations from the Global Forum can be downloaded from the agri benchmark homepage:
»  www.agribenchmark.org

Production costs for forages differ significantly in Western Europe
forage In Western Europe forages are frequently used in the feeding of cattle. Next to purchased feed also home-grown feed like hay, grass silage and maize silage can be fed to the animals.
Feed costs in beef finishing systems based on forages have a proportion of 25 - 50 per cent of total costs. Thus feed costs are one of the major costs components.
But ‘What are the actual operating costs when it comes to the production of forages?’ and ‘Are the costs of production for forages similar in different countries and farms?’ These questions are answered in the master thesis by Friederike Rösner. This project was financially supported by John Deere. harvester
logo John Deere
»  Cost Calculation for Forest Harvesting in Selected Beef Farms and Countries

New global network on silvopastoral systems
cow in silvopastoral system Due to the increase in animal protein demand and consumption, livestock will continue as one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in agriculture in the near future, particularly in low-income and emerging economies.
Therefore the Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems was founded. The network is managed by our Colombian partner CIPAV and is linked to the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock. logo CIPAV
global agenda livestock

The mission is to create a voluntary, multi stakeholder initiative, leading the dissemination of knowledge and the capacity-transfer to integrate livestock, forests and trees, in a way of land use that offer more benefits in terms of improved livelihoods, long-term food security and provision of environmental services in a context of climate change and sustainable development. agri benchmark will contribute with methods, tools and expertise.

Measuring competitiveness of beef and sheep production on national and international level
The conference ‘Policies for competitive smallholder livestock production’ (March 4-6 in Gaborone, Botswana) aimed to provide an opportunity for African and international scientists and the broader stakeholder groups in the livestock production sector to discuss competitiveness in livestock production systems and improving the livelihoods of livestock farmers and other value chain actors, especially smallholder farmers, with emphasis on Southern Africa.
Sirak Batha from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Claus Deblitz presented how to measure the competitiveness of beef and sheep production on national and international level. logo ILRI
»  Measuring the competitivness of beef and sheep production on national und international level

agri benchmark in the media
There are two videos from the Global Forum of the Beef and Sheep Conference 2015. Claus Deblitz, Ernesto Reyes, José Felix Lafaurie and other people were interviewed.
Watch documentaries and interviews of the World forum of meat in Valledupar (Foro Mundial de la carne en Valledupar):
»  Part 1 (in Spanish)
»  Part 2 (in Spanish); agri benchmark from minute 03:45 onwards
Several articles are published in different Colombian newspapers about the Beef and Sheep Conference and the Global Forum; all articles are in Spanish.
»  Hoy foro internacional de la carne (Article in El Pilón)
»  Expertos de 19 países analizan en Colombia oportunidades para ganadería verde (Report on minuto30.com)
»  Producción amigable, un reto para la industria de la carne en el mundo (Article in Ecónomia)
»  Fedegán promueve Global Forum, en Valledupar (Report on elheraldo.co)

Did you know?
In this section you find short information in regular intervals on particularities of production, sector, policy or trade in agri benchmark member countries.
sheep (©Katja Seifert) Islamic holidays and the impact on sheep prices
With about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world’s population, Islam is the second-largest world religion. In Algeria, as in other Muslim countries, religious holiday periods have an impact on the prices of meat and livestock for slaughter
» Read more

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