Beef and Sheep Conference 2015

The Beef and Sheep Conference 2015 takes plave in Valledupar, in the Cesar region (North of Colombia) from June 11-18. A comprehensive programme with internal workshops on sheep and beef, international comparisons, latest developments on beef and sheep markets, farm analysis, field trips to sheep, cow-calf and beef finishing farms has been developed.

The public Global Forum on June 17 hosts an audience of more than 100 decision makers of the Colombian beef and sheep supply chain as well as agri benchmark partners. The programme has contributions of international speakers and local professionalists (see draft programme for download). Sustainable beef production is the leading topic of the event.

Programme Global Forum 2015:
Opportunities for green beef production and export in Colombia
(pdf-document, 114 KB)

The Conference is hosted by the Colombian agri benchmark partners FEDEGAN and CIPAV in close cooperation with agri benchmark.

A lively impression of sustainable beef production in Colombia is given in this documentary film:

Opens external link in new windowWorld Animal Protection: Silvopastoral systems in Colombia

Press release:
Beef and Sheep Conference 2015
(pdf-document, 841 KB)

At the sitelines of the Global Forum of the Beef and Sheep Conference 2015 Claus Deblitz, Ernesto Reyes, José Felix Lafaurie and other people were interviewed. 

Watch these documentaries and interviews of the Global Forum in Valledupar.

Photoalbum 2015

Cattle in silvopastoral system
Impression of the Global Forum
Impression of the Global Forum
Impression of the sessions
Impression of the sessions
Participants of the Beef and Sheep Conference 2015

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