Sector Information

Understanding pig production worldwide - at farm level and throughout the whole value chain.

The Pig branch of the agri benchmark Network was founded in 2012 and restarted in 2015. It aims at analysing and benchmarking international pig production systems and their economics, in particular their competitiveness.

The objective is to create and maintain a Opens internal link in current windowglobal network of pig experts  and a unique, standardised and comparable data base of farm-level and sector data, which can be used as information base for research and decision makers in agribusinesses and politics.

The goals of agri benchmark Pig are to:

  • understand pig production worldwide:
    • at farm level,
    • throughout the whole value chain,
  • analyse competitiveness and drivers of profitability,
  • provide market and farm intelligence for decision-making and
  • establish a network of pig and poultry experts around the world.


We encourage researchers, institutions and stakeholders in international pig value chains to become partners of agri benchmark Pig.

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