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cover Pig Report 2018

The Pig Report 2018

This report is a condensed version of the main findings of the 2018 agri benchmark Pig season. It covers some global developments, market developments, hot issues of the global pig sectors and an extract of our farm level analysis.

Our partners have the full amount of data in the member section of our website.

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The Pig Report 2017 

This report gives an overview of up-to-date data on pork production and trade in Germany. Providing farm-level data the report enables an assessment of the international competitiveness of German pig farms. 

A particular focus is on the changing framework conditions for agricultural production because of animal welfare considerations. 

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Latest publications of the Pig Branch

Pig Network: Briefing Paper 2017/2

Economic Effects of Alternatives to Piglet Castration without Anesthesia in Germany
(pdf-document, 1.123 KB)

published in German as Thünen Working Paper 64

Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswirkungen von Alternativen zur betäubungslosen Ferkelkastration in Deutschland
(pdf-document, 1.175 KB)


Pig Network: Briefing Paper 2017/1

The pig industry´s transition to group sow housing: economic and welfare assessments
(pdf-document, 819 KB)



Cover Pig Report 2016

The Pig Report 2016

The Pig Report 2016 can be ordered as printed version.

The first edition of the agri benchmark Pig Report provides an overview of global pig production and trade, country specific sector information for 14 countries, farm comparisons and a comparison of the pig value chain between the US and Germany.

The price of the Pig Report is EUR 50 per copy plus shipping cost plus VAT (7 %).


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Other publications

Boom for pig fattenening farms while piglet producer suffer
(J. Efken, S. Küest) (poster, 2013)

The French Pig sector on the threshold to change
(B. Duflot, C. Roguet) (poster, 2013)

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