Pig Conference 2024

agri benchmark Pig Conference 2024 takes place in Seinäjoki, Finland

Like many other events, our annual agri benchmark conferences could not take place as a face to face meeting like in previous years. The Pig Conference was supposed to take place from 29 June to 1 July close to Budapest, Hungary. Together with our Hungarian partner, the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (AKI) and the InterPIG goup, we decided to move the physical meeting by one year to June 2021.

We proceeded as every year, updating our market and production databases to 2023!

To keep the spirit, communication and cooperation in our networks up and going despite the radical changes in our personal and professional lives, this year’s conference went online. It took place at the originally envisaged period and included the core elements:

•    Global Overview of the Pig Industry
•    International Farm Comparisons (benchmarking)
•    Workshops on global ASF impact

A summary report will be published in the fourth quarter of the year.

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