Pig Conference 2019

Like in the previous years, the 2019 Pig Conference is a joint event between agri benchmark and InterPIG and takes place in Beijing, China from July 1-4.

The conference is jointly organised by agri benchmark and our Chinese partner CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences).

A comprehensive programme with internal workshops on pig, international comparisons, latest developments on pig markets and farm analysis is provided. A specific workshops addresses the extent and the type of antibiotics used in pig production. Several changes in the format of the programme aim to create even more exchange and interaction than in previous years, for example poster sessions and an interactive session on our benchmarking using the comprehensive tools available. A special focus is on the Chinese farm structure development and production systems, the African Swine Fever issues and likely future development.

For the first time, a full day of the Conference is dedicated to the Global Forum with Chinese and international decision makers of the pig chain on July 4. The status quo of Chinese pig production, policy framework and trade as well as their medium-term perspectives are addressed. This includes the latest impacts of ASF and the implications of the US-Chinese trade dispute on production, trade and feed markets. The situation and implications for European and Russian pig markets are another focus.

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