The Concept of the agri benchmark Academy

Young pig farmers are confronted with dynamic and fast evolving agricultural framework conditions. To ensure a prosperous future, there are several key areas they should focus on. Education and continuous training are crucial for staying abreast of the latest advancements in pig farming, animal health and welfare, sustainability, biosecurity and agricultural technologies. Actively participating in workshops and training programs can enhance skills and knowledge, providing a solid foundation for success.

The agri benchmark Academy addresses this very point, providing a platform and network for young pig farmers. Young farmers from around the world are invited to join the Academy. This event conducts training in areas such as farm management, global economics, competitiveness, animal welfare and environmental analysis. Each farmer contributes the data of their enterprise to the international comparison, learning to interpret the resulting benchmarking.

Understanding the operating environment from the perspective of international competitiveness in pig farming is crucially important. Understanding competitiveness is the correlation between the management of an individual pig farm and the global markets for pork and feed. Participants in the Academy learn to comprehend this connection and its significance for future operational decisions. Embracing technological innovations can significantly improve efficiency and productivity. Digitalization, data analytics, and other technologies offer valuable tools for optimizing operations. Biosecurity and animal health requiring the implementation of robust measures to prevent disease spread.

Furthermore, the network, learning from others and exchange of experiences and best practises, plays an important role. Participants share insights from their countries and the conditions under which they operate. Both these aspects are brought together through the introduction of Practice-Change Analysis: exploring questions such as the impact of future measures on the operation or how changes in conditions may alter the business management. Additionally, day trips to relevant farms, sites, or events take place, providing informative and entertaining experiences that further enhance the group and network structure. Networking and collaboration within local and industry-specific associations provide opportunities to share knowledge and experiences.

About the agri benchmark Networks

agri benchmark is a global agricultural network dedicated to comparing the performance, economics, competitiveness, and sustainability of farms. It provides valuable insights for farmers, researchers, policymakers, and agribusinesses by conducting farm-level benchmarking and analyzing key performance indicators across different agricultural enterprises and regions.

agri benchmark covers a wide range of crops and livestock, including cereals, oilseeds, dairy, beef, pork and more. The goal is to foster a better understanding of global agricultural trends, promote knowledge exchange, and support decision-making processes in the agricultural sector. The insights generated by agri benchmark can be valuable for farmers looking to improve their operations, policymakers shaping agricultural policies, and stakeholders interested in the sustainability and competitiveness of the global agriculture industry.

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