Sector, Country and Farm Information

In 2013, the Organic team starts collecting sector-specific data as well as farm data for typical farms in eight countries. As a start, cereals, oilseeds and pulses are the first three analysed commodities.

In the following, you will find more information on the organic sector. Country specific information regarding the selected crops and background information on the typical farms established within these countries will be added successively.

Sector Information

In the last 15 years, organic farming has experienced continuous growth worldwide. Compared with 1999, organic agricultural land surfaces have more than quadrupled all over the world resulting in 43.7 million hectares organically farmed land in 2014. The increase in organic agricultural land reflects the growing demand for organic products.

Accompanied by the overall growth of the organic agricultural surfaces, the organic market size also went up to reach 60.3 billion Euros in 2014, which is four times more compared to its size in the year 1999. In 2014, the largest markets for organic food were in the USA, Germany, France, China and Canada. At the same time, supply-chain processes have become more complex, diversified and are increasingly organized globally.

Country Information

In 2013, the Organic team starts collecting farm data for typical farms in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. Continuously the agri benchmark Organic Network will be expanded to more countries.

Farm Information

Farm economic data is used to analyse and compare the economic performance of organic farms from different countries and to assess their international competitiveness.

Together with the sector-related information, this data provides a basis to better understand current developments and helps to identify future trends and thematic “hotspots”.  Typical organic farms are defined on the basis of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

agri benchmark Organic - A standard operating procedure to define typical organic farms (SOP)
(pdf-document, 984 KB)

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