Publications and Projects

The Thünen Institute of Farm Economics is currently carrying out the project “International competitiveness of organic cereal, oilseed and pulse production and strategies for the expansion of production in Germany”.

This project aims to analyse the international competitiveness of the German organic grain, oil seeds and grain legume production with selected competitive countries and to develop strategies for practice and agricultural policy for an expansion of production in Germany. Based on this project the the agri benchmark Organic Network will continuously be expanded to more countries and commodities, primarily the following:

  • potatoes (for root crops)
  • milk (for dairy production)
  • beef (for suckler cows)
  • coffee (for foodstuffs)
  • apples (for fruits)

Publications free for download

Global Organic Cereal Production
(Schott, Sanders, pdf-document, 552 KB)

Comparison of the organic farming sectors in Germany, Italy and Russia
(Schott, Sanders, pdf-document, 718 KB)

Information brochure - understanding organic farming worldwide
(Schott, Sanders, pdf-document, 262 KB)

Informationsbroschüre - Ökologischen Landbau weltweit verstehen mit agri benchmark Organic
(Schott, Sanders, pdf-document, 264 KB)

agri benchmark Organic - A standard operating procedure to define typical organic farms (SOP)
(pdf-document, 1.156 KB)

Entwicklung und Anwendung von Betriebsmodellen für den ökologischen Landbau am Beispiel des Landes Brandenburg
Beitrag zur 12. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau
(von Münchhausen, Häring, Sanders, pdf-document, 19 KB)

The paper discusses the elaboration and an application of the agri benchmark approach for organic farms. The challenge of this approach is to cover the large variety of organic productions systems. (Document in German, English abstract)


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