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FAO statistics provide information on worldwide grape production, both for fresh consumption and further processing into wine. In addition, statistics on wine production are available.

Between 2002 and 2011, global grape production rose from 62 to 69 million tonnes, an increase of 12 %. In the same time period, global wine production increased by 10 % from 26 to 28.7 million tonnes while 2004 was a peak year with even 30.7 million tonnes. Europe dominates the global wine production; however during recent years its share slightly declined from 63-64 % to 59-61 %. China not only increased its grape production by 100 %, but also its wine production by 48 %. Also South America and South Africa had dynamic developments, with 36 and 34 % higher wine production. Australia/New Zealand and EU increased their production only slightly by 7 and 6 %. USA’s production slightly declined by 3 %.

Global grape and wine production 2002 - 2011

Source: FAOSTAT 2013

The table for the top 20 wine producing countries shows that in 2011, France produced the largest wine quantity, followed by Italy, Spain and the USA. Together, these four countries produced 58 % of the global wine production. In contrast to that, China produced the majority of grapes (13.3 %). Nine EU countries including Hungary and Romania as rather young member states are found in the top 20 list. For the Southern hemisphere, Argentina, Australia, Chile, South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand have to be mentioned.

Besides wine, Italy, Spain, USA, Chile and Brazil are strong in table grape production as well.

Wine production worldwide, 2011

Source: FAOSTAT 2012

At the moment there are six wine producing countries in the Network: France, Italy, Spain and Germany as important EU countries; Australia and South Africa as important "new world" countries.

It is our aim to continuously expand the Network to more countries with relevant wine production volumes, such as USA, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Greece and New Zealand.

Of course also other countries, interested in participating, are welcome. In any case, Opens internal link in current windowplease contact us.

Wine grape and wine production in 2011 - 20 most important wine producing countries

Source: FAOSTAT 2013

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