Country Information

In this section you find specific information on the wine grape producing countries analysed in the agri benchmark Horticulture Network, such as presentations held during our conferences.

Wine Production

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Wine Australia (pdf: 3.022 KB)Download
Randy Stringer, Horticulture Conference 2013
Wine France (pdf: 1.880 KB)Download
Alfredo Coelho, Horticulture Conference 2013
Wine Germany (pdf: 1.005 KB)Download
Kathrin Strohm, Horticulture Conference 2013
Wine in Sicily, Italy (pdf: 342 KB)Download
Antonio Galati, Horticulture Conference 2014
Wine in Veneto, Italy (pdf: 1.041 KB)Download
Antonio De Zanche, Horticulture Conference 2014
Wine Italy (pdf: 883 KB)Download
Valeria Altamura, Horticulture Conference 2013
Wine Italy_2014 (pdf: 1.003 KB)Download
Davide Barbieri, Horticulture Conference 2014

Sector, Country and Farm information

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