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Between 2002 and 2011, global tomato production rose by 36 % from 116 to 159 million tonnes.

China increased its production from 27 to 48 million tonnes (+79 %) and thus accounted for 50 % of the overall production increase. India even more than doubled its production from 7.5 to 16.8 million tonnes. Turkey is a strong tomato producer and realized a 16 % increase during the last 10 years. Europe’s production remained rather stable and ranges between 15 and 17 million tonnes. US production is fluctuating between 11 and 14 million tonnes.

Source: FAOSTAT 2013

In 2011, China accounted for 30 % of the global tomato production, followed by India with more than 10 % and USA (7.9 %). Within the EU Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece are found among the 20 top producers. Besides them five other Mediterranean countries are strong tomato producers as well: Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Syria.

Tomato production worldwide, 2011

Source: FAOSTAT 2012

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Tomato production in 2011 - 20 most important tomato producing countries

Source: FAOSTAT 2013

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