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Between 2002 and 2011 the global apple production rose from 55 to about 75.6 million tonnes per year.

82 % of the 20 million tonnes increase goes back to China, the world’s largest apple producer. In 2011, China amounted for 48 % of the global apple production. Since 2002, its global share grew by 36 %. In the 10 years’ time period, South Africa’s apple production rose by 32 %, South America’s by 15 % and USA’s by 11 %. However, the production within the EU slightly declined by 3 %.

Global apple production 2002 - 2011

Source: FAOSTAT 2013

The shares of the countries currently represented in the agri benchmark Network such as Germany, Italy, Chile and South Africa, vary from 3.2 to 1.0 % of global apple production in 2011. Italy as the second biggest apple producer in the EU after Poland is the sixth major apple producer in the world, with a global production share of 3.2 %.

Apple production worldwide, 2011

Source: FAOSTAT 2012

At the moment there are five apple producing countries in the Network: Italy and Germany as important EU countries, plus Switzerland; Chile and South Africa as important extra-EU countries.

It is our aim to continuously expand the Network to more countries with relevant apple production volumes, such as China, USA, Poland, France, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

Of course further countries interested in a cooperation are welcome. In case you are interested in participating in the Network, Opens internal link in current windowplease contact us.


Apple production in 2011 - 20 most important apple producing countries

Source: FAOSTAT 2013

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