Country Information

In this section you find specific information on the apple countries analysed in the agri benchmark Horticulture Network, such as presentations held during our conference.


Apple Production

7 Files
Apple Germany a) overview (pdf: 730 KB)Download
Hildegard Garming, September 2013
Apple Germany b) Altes Land (pdf: 4.189 KB)Download
Matthias Görgens, September 2013
Apple Germany c) Saxony (pdf: 494 KB)Download
Frank Eckhard, September 2013
Apple Italy (pdf: 610 KB)Download
Giorgio De Ros, September 2013
Apple production Lake Constance, Germany (pdf: 4.866 KB)Download
Manfred Büchele (KOB), September 2014
Apple Switzerland (pdf: 1.001 KB)Download
Esther Bravin, September 2013
Fruit South Africa (pdf: 2.637 KB)Download
Nando Baard, September 2013

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