Sector, Country and Farm Information

Here you find information on the apple, wine grape and tomato sectors.

In July 2012, the Horticulture team started collecting farm data for typical farms. As a start, apple and wine grapes are the first two analysed production sectors. Regarding vegetables, it is planned to start with the analysis of tomatoes, both as fresh produce and for processing. In the future, we also want to include the following crops into the Network and the analyses: onion, carrots, sweet pepper as well as cherries, citrus and banana. In case you are dealing with these crops and are interested in a cooperation, please Opens internal link in current windowcontact us.

In the following, you find more detailed information on the first three sectors,  country specific information regarding the selected crops in the countries, participating in the Network, and background information on the typical farms established within these countries so far. 

agri benchmark Horticulture Network - an overview presentation

objectives, methodology, exemplary results

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