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agri benchmark meets CERES

From February 27th – March 1st, 2018, the special session “agri benchmark meets CERES” took place at the Thünen-Institutes of Fisheries Ecology and Sea Fisheries in Hamburg. Experts from EU Horizon 2020 ProjectOpens external link in new window Climate Change and European Aquatic Resources (CERES) discussed typical farm and vessel datasets together with the agri benchmark Fish network members and the coordination team. The special focus was on salmonids (trout and salmon), seabass and seabream production systems as well as on cod and mixed fisheries vessels.

Later on in the CERES project progression, the agri benchmark datasets will be analysed according to three scenarios reflecting the impacts of climate change towards a variety of aquatic production systems on farm and vessel level in the light of environmental changes as well as different pre-defined future scenarios on society, economy and policy.


First agri benchmark workshop on Fish

In September 2015, the first agri benchmark workshop on Fish took place at the Opens external link in new windowThünen Institutes of Fisheries Ecology and Opens external link in new windowSea Fisheries  in Hamburg.

Following two years of research, the workshop participants discussed the results of a trout pilot study. 20 researchers and fish farmers from Europe, the Near and Middle East compared country reports and datasets of trout farms from different countries.

The group also visited two nearby trout farms at the Luneburg Heath. On site, potentials and drawbacks of organic fish farming and recirculated aquaculture systems were discussed with farm managers.


ab-fish workshop on trout farming

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