Sugar and Isoglucose

The EU is about to abolish the sugar - and the isoglucose - quota system in 2016/17. Isoglucose made from corn occupies about 50 % of the US sweetener market while its market share in the EU caloric sweetener market is less than 5 %.

Against this background Yelto Zimmer analyses the economics of isoglucose production in Europe in order to understand its competitiveness vis-à-vis sugar.


Isoglucose - How significant is the threat to the EU sugar industry?,
published in: Sugar Industry 138, 2013, No. 12, 770-777
(Yelto Zimmer, pdf-document, 2.096 kb)

Isoglukose - wie groß ist die Herausforderung für die EU-Zuckerindustrie?
(Abstract in German, pdf-document, 195 kb)

Background Information: Economics of Isoglucose Production
(Yelto Zimmer, pdf-document, 2.261 kb)


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