Since oilseeds are an important element in many growers´ crop portfolio - both in terms of economics as well as agronomic crop rotations - we are posting this special analysis regarding the competitiveness of several oilseed choices.

Please find below the most important results of respective research.

International Rapeseed Congress in Saskatoon, Canada

From July 6th to 8th 2015, the International Rapseed Congress (IRC) took place in Saskatoon, Canada.

At the congress, partners from agri benchmark Cash Crop held a workshop titled "Status and Perspectives of Competitiveness of Rapeseed".

Below you will find the presentations regarding the on-farm competitiveness of rapeseed/canola vs. other oilseeds in Canada, Hungary and Ukraine. 

In addition, there is an overview over oilseed markets presented by Marlene Börsch (Canada, Mercantile).

The press release provides a brief overview of the main research findings.

7 Files
Конкурентоспособность рапса против cоевых бобов - Случай западной Канады (pdf: 1.687 KB)Download
Russian Version: Competitiveness of Rapeseed versus Soybeans - Dr. Jörg Zimmermann, P. Ag (Translation: Sergey Chetvertakov)
Украина - Рапс против Подсолнечника и Сои (pdf: 1.023 KB)Download
Russian Version: Ukraine - Rapeseed vs. Sunflowers and Soybeans Yelto Zimmer (Translation: Sergey Chetvertakov)

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