Country Presentations

New partners entering the agri benchmark network are invited to make a short presentation about the cash crop sector of their country during the Cash Crop Conference.

Here you can download the country presentations that were presented by the scientific partners during the Cash Crop Conferences 2005 and 2010.

More detailed information and various publications on the agricultural sector of agri benchmark partner countries you find in Opens internal link in current windowCountry Profiles

The presentations are listed in alphabetical order by country and indicating the year the country was presented.

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AR 2005 (pdf: 19 KB)Download
BR_2005 (pdf: 776 KB)Download
CN 2005 (pdf: 797 KB)Download
MY 2005 (pdf: 1.276 KB)Download
PL 2005 (pdf: 116 KB)Download
SE 2005 (pdf: 578 KB)Download
UA CC-2007 (pdf: 662 KB)Download
UK 2005 (pdf: 527 KB)Download

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