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Main results of the agri benchmark Cash Crop Network are published in our Briefing Paper Series (formerly Working Paper Series) and can be downloaded for free.



Russian oilseed production on the rise
cover briefing paper 18/9

Briefing Paper 2018/9

This working paper explores the evolution in production of each oilseed crop in four major European regions in Russia: The Northern and Southern parts of the Black Soil Region, South Russia and the Volga region.

English version (pdf-document, 1.476 KB)
(release date: 17.08.2018)

Argentinian wheat exports - a revival ahead!

Briefing Paper 2017/8

Since the 2015 election, duties on corn and wheat have been abolished in Argentina. This paper explores the perspectives of Argentinian wheat production under the new economic framework.

English Version (pdf-document, 925 KB)
(release date: 15.06.2017)



A new Paradigm for Global Agricultural Commodity Markets?

Working Paper 2015/7

Thesis paper to challenge the hypothesis of a lasting increase in commodity prices

English Version (pdf-document, 3.577 kb) 
(release date: 01.03.2015)

Summary (pdf-document, 360 kb)

Spanish Version (pdf-document, 843 kb)

Leasing and purchasing arable land - legal rules, profitability and investor´s view

Working Paper 2014/6

Politics are more and more aiming at so-called "non-agricultural investors" and their increasing interest in agricultural land markets. In view of this background this working paper outlines fundamental economic contexts of land leases and purchase prices. Furthermore different leasing system and payments are introduced, compared and economically analyzed.  

English version (pdf-document, 770 kb) (release date: 22.05.2014)


German rapeseed on the verge of collapse?

Working Paper 2013/4

The EU is planning to limit the European biofuel production. While some analysts suggests this may lead to a collapse of the EU rapeseed production this paper concludes that only minor changes in EU rapeseed production are to expected.

English Version (pdf-document, 1.710 kb) (release date: 01.10.2013)

China´s corn production - Where to establish agri benchmark farms in corn?

Working Paper 2013/3

Corn is a very important and politically sensitive crop in China, especially since China has become a net importer of corn. Thus, the question has arisen as to whether and under what conditions China could increase its corn production. This Working Paper explores the status quo of corn production and identifies some key challenges. The most important one: corn yields tend to be relatively low taking into account natural conditions.

English Version (pdf-document, 657 kb) (release date: 19.06.2013)

Speciality crops - A perspective for Kazakh arable producers?

Working Paper 2013/2

Kazakhstan has a significant potential to produce and export high value specialty crops such as legumes and rapeseed. This Working Paper uses the example of Canada to illustrate the potential.

English Version (pdf-document, 910 kb) (release date: 19.06.2013)

Нетрадиционные культуры - Перспективы для казахстанских производителей?
Russian Version (pdf-document, 990 kb) (release date: 22.10.2013)

Rapeseed in Central and Eastern Europe - A lot of room for growth

Working Paper 2012/1

Current forecasts indicate that global vegetable oil production –will have to increase by approx. 50 per cent in order to meet the increasing demand. This Working Paper explores the strength of Central and Eastern Europe as a very attractive site for rapeseed production with a lot of potential for growth.

English Version (pdf-document, 354 kb) (19.06.2013)
Russian Version (pdf-document, 578 kb) (19.06.2013)

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