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Specific results of the agri benchmark Cash Crop Network are published as Reports. Reports listed below can be downloaded for free.

Direct Marketing Report 2021
cover report direct marketing

Challenges and Perspectives in the Direct Marketing of Crop Inputs

Increasingly, sophisticated farmers, distribution networks, and online purchasing platforms are creating opportunities for large companies to move down the supply chain and remove some of the brick-and-mortar businesses they historically relied on for moving their products. While instances of direct marketing remain rare, the business environment in farming is certainly becoming more conducive to this business model.

this report evaluates the potential for this business model in different farming regions across the world. This potential was based on the manufacturer’s perceived opportunity for direct marketing and the level of competition they would face through direct marketing. Partners of the agri benchmark network from the UK, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Japan, USA, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, and Poland shared and discussed their perspective on this topic relative to their region of expertise.

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Rapeseed Report 2020
cover rapeseed report 2020

Challenges and Perspectives in Global Rapeseed Production

As part of initiatives outlined by the International Rapeseed Congress 2019, held in Berlin, the Thünen Institute of Farm Economics and the agri benchmark network brought together a panel of experts from major rapeseed producing countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland and the UK).

This paper consolidates the insights of those experts, as well as a follow-up study on the farm-level economic impact of the challenges faced by the rapeseed industry. Furthermore, the implications of implementing management strategies to combat these challenges are also discussed.

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cover cassava report
Report to FAO

Cassava Production and Processing in Thailand

by Tom Arthey, Orawan Srisompun, Yelto Zimmer

This report was commissioned by the FAO in order to deliver a full value chain analysis of Cassava production and processing in Thailand. This analysis suggests that the Thai cassava industry, including all actors of the value chain, has been able to develop a rather profitable business model based on small holder production. It has also become clear that this result cannot be transferred to other countries without further adjustments. 

Cassava Production and Processing in Thailand
(pdf, 2,4 MB)

Report to GIZ

Economic assessment of agricultural production systems under Potato Initiative Africa in Kenya and Nigeria

by Friederike Rösner, June 2016

This report outlines the results of the agri benchmark economic studies conducted within the Potato Initiative Africa (PIA) project. It explains how the data was collected, presents the typical farm data and documents the analysis of potato production on the various typical farms.

Economic assessment of agricultural production systems under Potato Initiative Africa
in Kenya and Nigeria

(pdf-document, 5.278 KB)

Cash Crop Report 2015

Report 2015/3

This report presents key results of the 2014 agri benchmark farm comparison.

Following topics are analyzed:

  1. Economics of global wheat production
  2. How profitable is irrigation in corn?
  3. On-farm competitiveness of rapeseed vs. sunflower and soybeans
  4. Economics of rice production in typical farms

Cash Crop Report 2015
(pdf-document, 4.693 KB)




Economics of Southeast Asian Rice Production

Report 2014/1

This report presents the results of the first round data collection in the "Southeast Asian agri benchmark Rice project". The initial phase of this initiative was funded and supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Participating countries in this project are Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Economics of Southeast Asian Rice Production
(pdf-document, 2.105 KB)

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