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DTN AG Summit, Chicago, 2014

Yelto Zimmer participated at the AG Summit, organized by the DTN/The Progressive Farmer, a leading global agricultural information service provider.


Workshop in Voronezh 2012, Russia

In the framework of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) to integrate
national experts from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan into the agri benchmark Network a joint workshop took place.
From July 12th to 13th 2012 experts from these countries as well the coordinators of the Beef and Sheep and the Cash Crop Network met in Voronezh. Furthermore, representatives of consulting company GFA joined the team. The meeting was organized by the Russian agroholding Ekoniva.
On the first day a farm tour took place - crop production as well as beef finishing, cow-calf and dairy were looked at. The second day was devoted to a workshop.

Key topics were
• Perspectives of corn production in Russia and Ukraine
• Perspectives of beef production in the three countries
• Perspectives of rapeseed production in Kazakhstan
Participants agreed to continue to work on these and other topics.
We are very grateful for the funding of this event by the German Ministry.

For more information please contact Opens internal link in current windowDr. Yelto Zimmer

Members of the agri benchmark Cash Crop Network have access to the presentations given at the workshop. Please log-in to view our member downloads.


Agritechnica 2011

agri benchmark experts presented latest results on the international competitiveness of German agriculture.

Free for download:

Perspektiven für Betriebe auf ackerbaulichen Grenzstandorten in Nordostdeutschland
(J. Krug, 2011) (pdf-document, 3,5 mb)


IAAE Conference 2009: The new landscape of global agriculture

Global agricultural and food systems are experiencing major change. Increased urbanization and the increased affluence in emerging economies combined with the demand for agricultural commodities for bio-energy are changing the landscape of global agricultural and food systems.

The conference plans to address these issues and, at the same time, will consider what adjustments to the toolkit of agricultural economics are needed to address these complex issues.

agri benchmark Cash Crop has been invited to hold a mini-symposium at the 27. International Conference of Agricultural Economists in Beijing (IAAE), China. The results presented there give answers to the question how rising energy prices affect the economics of agri benchmark farms worldwide and how they can adapt to them.

The results are based on research by

  • Simon Walther, Yelto Zimmer and Thomas de Witte (vTI/Germany),
  • Hu Xiangdong (CAAS/China),
  • Thomas Funke and Stefan van Zyl (University of Pretoria/South Africa),
  • Ben Lang (University of Cambridge/UK),
  • Kelvin Leibold (Iowa State University/USA)

Free for download:

Farm level adaptations to high energy prices - Germany
(S. Walther) (pdf-Document, 934 kb)

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