Cash Crop Conference 2018

The Cash Crop Conference 2018 took place in Beijing, China, from June 3rd to 14th. The participants of the conference benefited from internal workshops on different crops, international comparisons of agricultural production systems, presentations of the latest developments on crop markets and analysis of farm data. They returned home with valuable, up-to-date insights into Chinese agricultural production. 

The conference was followed by a two-day trip to the agricultural environment of Beijing and a second tour to the agricultural region Heilongjiang in northern China. 

The conference was jointly organized by the Chinese agri benchmark partner CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) and the agri benchmark headquarter.

Cash Crop Conference 2018: Crop Production often a tight margin business
(Press release, pdf-document, 653 KB)


group picture cash crop conference 2018

Organizers of the Cash Crop Conference 2018

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