Cash Crop Conference 2016

This year´s Cash Crop Conference took place in Bangkok, Thailand from June 26th to 30th, 2016.

The agri benchmark partners from KNIT (Knowledge Institute of Thailand) assumed responsibility for the organization of the Cash Crop Conference 2016 which is greatly appreciated by the entire agri benchmark Network.

During the conference agri benchmark organized a Global Forum open to the public. The event´s programme had contributions of international and local experts on important aspects of Asian agriculture.

For more information:

Press release CCC 16 (pdf, 76 KB)

Impressions of the post-conference tour (Photo album)


participants CCC 2016
Participants of the Cash Crop Conference 2016

Presentations Global Forum 2016

5 Files
Presentation 2. Corn and Wheat Production (pdf: 573 KB)Download
Michael Langemeier
Presentation 3. Perspectives for rice production in Africa (pdf: 7.290 KB)Download
Friederike Rösner and Natson Amengor
Presentation 4. Thai Cane Production (pdf: 2.175 KB)Download
Pipat Weerathaworn and Samuel Balieiro
Presentation 5. Thai Cane ProductionII (pdf: 9.132 KB)Download
Rangsit Hiangrat

Supporting Partners Cash Crop Conference 2016

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