Cash Crop Conference 2015

This year´s Cash Crop Conference took place in Goiânia, Brazil from July 12th to 16th, 2015.

The Brazilian agri benchmark partners from CEPEA (Center of Advanced Studies on Applied Economics) assumed responsibility for the organization of the Cash Crop Conference 2015 which is greatly appreciated by the entire agri benchmark Network. 

At the public Global Forum of the Cash Crop Conference international experts in agriculture gave presentations on the topic:

Brazilian Crop Production and Dynamic Global Markets

Press Release Cash Crop Conference 2015 (pdf, 482 KB)


Presentations of the Global Forum

9 Files
Competitiveness of Corn and Soybeans (pdf: 577 KB)Download
Michael Langemeier
Corn Production in Ukraine (pdf: 565 KB)Download
Johannes Gergely
Drivers of Brazilian Corn Production (pdf: 1.786 KB)Download
Lucilio Alves
Grain Corn Production in France (pdf: 1.665 KB)Download
Benoit Pagès
Isoglucose Industry (pdf: 1.085 KB)Download
Yelto Zimmer
Sugar Industry in Thailand (pdf: 5.594 KB)Download
Pipat Weerathaworn
Sugar Industry in Vietnam (pdf: 2.346 KB)Download
Ngoc Luan Nguyen
World Sugar Market Overview (pdf: 1.068 KB)Download
Pipat Weerathaworn

Organizers of the CCC 2015

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