Cash Crop Conference 2014

The Cash Crop Conference 2014 took place in Des Moines, USA from August 18th until August 22th. 

This year,  the Global Forum of the Cash Crop Conference gave presentations and discussions on the topic "US crop producers - Global competitors and global customers". 


For detailed information view  Invitation to the Global Forum (pdf-document, 820 kb)

Click to view detailed information on the Global Forum speakers (pdf-document, 466 kb)

More information on agri benchmark in our
 Press Info: agri benchmark - understanding agriculture worldwide (pdf-document, 200 kb)


Gobal Forum: Presentations

7 Files
Chinese corn production (pdf: 1.555 KB)Download
Xiangdong Hu
Palm 0il (pdf: 1.080 KB)Download
Dessy Anggraeni
Profile agri benchmark (pdf: 849 KB)Download
Yelto Zimmer

Cash Crop Conference 2014

conference impression

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