Cash Crop Conference 2013

The Cash Crop Conference 2013 will take place in Voronezh, Russia from June 30th to July 7th. The agri benchmark Partner from Russia, IKAR arranged the conference on site which is greatly appreciated by the entire agri benchmark Network.
This year´s Cash Crop Conference consists of three parts:

  • Annual agri benchmark Cash Crop Conference (June 30th to July 4th)
  • Joint Sessions of the agri benchmark Conference and the 1st International Summer Agricultural Conference "Where the margin is" (July 2th, July 3th)
  • Post Conference Tour (July 6th to July 7th)

Conference topics at a glance

Symposium I: agri benchmark keyresults and new developments 2012
Symposium II: Why huge yield gaps? Case studies from Ukraine, Brazil, Poland
Symposium III: Global experience in agriculture and possible application for Russia
Symposium IV: Current situation and prospects of commodity markets for grain, oilseeds and sugar beets
Workshops: Economics of rice, cost of compliance, sugar cane, precision farming
Country Presentations Cambodia, North Dakota (USA)

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Schedule Cash Crop  Conference 2013
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Opens external link in new windowProgram "Where the margin is", 2013, Voronezh, Russia 


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