Cash Crop Conference 2012 in Pilanesberg, Pretoria, South Africa

The Cash Crop Conference 2012 took place in South Africa from June 9th to 15th. For lectures and workshops conference participants stayed in Bakubung (Pilanesberg National Park). The conference ended with a field trip and  a public Global Forum in Pretoria

The South African agri benchmark partners from BFAP (Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy)  und NAMC (National Agricultural Marketing Council) assumed responsibility for the organization of the Cash Crop Conference 2012 which is greatly appreciated by the entire agri benchmark Network.

Conference topics at a glance

  • agri benchmark keyresults regarding the development of prices, costs, margins of typical farms
  • Symposium   I: Options for intensification in arable production
  • Symposium  II: Expansion of land use
  • Symposium III: Transport and logistics
  • Symposium IV: Agroholdings
  • New country presentations and results: Algeria, Kansas (USA)
  • Workshops: Smallholder initiative, sugar production, potato production, environmental cost of production, driving forces of malting barley production


Schedule of the Cash Crop Conference 2012 (pdf-document, 323 kb) 


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