Cash Crop Conference 2011 in Middelfart, Denmark

The Cash Crop Conference 2011 took place in Middelfart, Denmark from June 12th to 17th. Danish agri benchmark partners from Patriotisk Selskab assumed responsibility for the organization of the Cash Crop Conference 2011.

Conference topics at a glance

As every year agri benchmark key results were presented and future development of the agri benchmark Cash Crop Network was discussed.

  • Workshops: Small holder production, sugar beet production, agriculture in marginal European areas and global wheat production
  • Country presentations of new agri benchmark partners: Indonesia, Morocco, Lithuania, Japan
  • The "Danish Day": lectures on agriculture in Denmark and field trip
    Post-Conference Farm Tour

Schedule Cash Crop Conference 2011 (pdf-document; 84 kb)

Members of the agri benchmark Cash Crop Network have access to all presentations and inputs of the Cash Crop Conference 2011.

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Global Forum on crop production

The agri benchmark network: People, Concepts, Results

Please feel free to download the contributions of the Gobal Forum on Crop Production.

What is agri benchmark Cash Crop: Overview, methods, people 
(Y.Zimmer) (pdf-document, 2.380 kb)
Wheat and oilseed production in Denmark vs. other key European players - A look behind agri benchmark data
(M. St. Toft) (pdf-document 4.870 kb)
Land cost and land profitability - a global perspective
(Y. Zimmer, P. Borreby) (pdf-document, 559 kb)
Country Presentation: Argentina
(J. Rego) (pdf-document, 2.770 kb)

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