Colombia - Sustainable intensification with animal welfare

agri benchmark, CIPAV and World Animal Protection jointly work in a project analysing how Colombian silvopastoral farming systems could deliver multiple 'wins' for productivity, economics, farmers animal welfare and environmental stewardship. 

These silvopastoral systems are agroforestry arrangements, where pasture is combined with legumes, bushes and in some cases trees for timber production. 

First results were presented by agri benchmark partner Ernesto Reyes (CIPAV) at the 5th multi-stakeholder platform meeting of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock in October 2014.

Comprehensive analysis of intensive silvopastoral systems
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World Animal Protection also presented similar outcomes of a case study examining three silvopastoral beef and dairy farms in Colombia in the same conference.

Milk and beef production in Colombia
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A lively impression of the advantages of silvopastoral systems is given in this documentary film:

Opens external link in new windowWorld Animal Protection: Silvopastoral systems in Colombia

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