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Climate change adaptation strategies in beef and sheep production
(Briefing Paper 2020/1)

Feed shortage, heat stress and water scarcity - the changing climate impacts global beef and sheep production in a wide variety of ways and intensities. The ability of agricultural producers to cope with these effects depends on a large variety of factors – including managerial skills and knowledge, access to technologies and the availability of resources.

This report paints a consistent picture of the impact of climate change and reveals major challenges for livestock production globally. It aims to gain an overview of livestock producers’ views towards climate change, the nature and impacts of climate change on livestock production globally; to explore and share producer adaptations to these impacts; and to showcase best practice examples of how farmers react to changing environmental production conditions.

agri benchmark Beef and Sheep network experts from 33 countries, including the most important beef and sheep producing countries globally, assessed the situation of producers. 24 production factors of the six different categories feed, animal, water, land, infrastructure and markets have been evaluated against their susceptibility to climate change. Information on research and sectoral programs give interesting insights into institutional support available to producers in different regions. Eleven farm case studies from eight countries on four continents showcase useful and transferable adaptations.

It is concluded that making climate change adaptation a higher priority and promoting successful pathways within and across countries can unearth much hidden potential. agri benchmark as global network sees many opportunities in linking practice to research and thus helping to promote viable production strategies in a changing environment.

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