Location of agri benchmark Beef and Sheep farms

This map shows the location and name of typical beef and sheep farms and provides some basic information. For detailed information see below. 

Farm Information

This section provides a standardised, downloadable description of the farm and its cattle enterprises for each farm in the global sample.

The structure of the farm profiles is:

  • Whole farm overview, natural conditions, farm location
  • The cow-calf enterprise (if existing) – herd dynamics, performance, land tenure (available in the member section)
  • The beef finishing enterprise (if existing) – herd dynamics, performance, feeding (available in the member section)
  • Economic results on whole-farm level – returns and cost composition, profit and loss account (available in the member section)


A country can be chosen in the document list and, once this is done, farms in this country can be selected and their profiles downloaded.


Economic farm analysis

Explanation and definition of terms are given here:

Glossary of terms

Basic description of concepts and methods used by agri benchmark are given here:

Conceptual background information

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