Beef and Sheep Conference 2023

The agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Conference 2023 took place in Asunción, Paraguay from 15.-20.06, 2023 and had the following elements:

15.06. and 17.06. Beef days - Global overview and latest developments in world beef markets, country presentations, latest developments, int'l comparison, group work, workshops, emissions, use of data in the network

17.06. A Global Forum hosting an audience of 150 people: International situation and competitiveness of Paraguay with a mix of presentations and an expert panel on sustainable beef production. A recording is available Opens external link in new windowhere.

18.-20.06. Field trips see cow-calf, beef finishing and feedlotting

A summary report was published and is available in the publication section.

Participants of the Beef and Sheep Conference 2023

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