Beef and Sheep Conference 2017

The Beef and Sheep Conference 2017 took place in Saskatoon, Canada, in the prairy region of Saskatchewan from June 17-23. A comprehensive programme with internal workshops on sheep and beef, international comparisons, latest developments on beef and sheep markets, farm analysis, field trips to sheep, cow-calf and beef finishing (feedlot) farms was provided.

The conference was jointly organised by our Canadian partner Canfax Research Services (Brenna Grant) and agri benchmark Headquarters.

Key results of the Beef and Sheep Conference 2017:

Beef and livestock prices in North America: the rally has come to an end
(Press release, 31 August 2017)

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The public Global Forum on June 23 saw an audience of around 100 decision makers of the Canadian beef and sheep supply chain as well as agri benchmark partners.

The programme and the contributions of international speakers and local professionalists can be downloaded below.

Competitiveness on Productivity, Policy, and Profits
(pdf-document, 102 KB)

Presentations - Global Forum

15 Files
02 BSC17 Welcome (pdf: 139 KB)Download
Claus Deblitz
Agri benchmarking (pdf: 1.469 KB)Download
Craig Klemmer
AgriProfit$ Business Analysis and Research Program (pdf: 2.000 KB)Download
Anatoliy Oginskyy, ML Manglai
Brazilian Beef Strategy (pdf: 2.644 KB)Download
Rildo Esperancini Moreira e Moreira
Economic sustainability (pdf: 3.461 KB)Download
Peter Weeks
Global Roundtable For Sustainable Beef (pdf: 2.628 KB)Download
Ruaraidh Petre
Succession (pdf: 582 KB)Download
Carol Davis
Succession panel (pdf: 1.253 KB)Download
Rildo Esperancini Moreira e Moreira

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