Beef and Sheep Conference 2011

The Beef and Sheep Conference 2011 took place in two locations in Austria:

  1. Semmering (approx. 90 km south of Vienna) for the internal workshop and field trips.
  2. Vienna for the Public Forum.

The Conference was jointly organised by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft (ARGE) Rind, Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GmbH (AMA) and the agri benchmark Centre.

Due to the extension of the network to sheep, a separate sheep day was added. The Conference featured the following events:

  • One sheep day.
  • One day of method, model and website training.
  • A two day field trip to the Alpes region to see extensive (communal) grazing systems, lowland visits of intensive finishing farms and abattoir, including an overnight stay on the Alm.
  • 2.5 days internal workshop with presentations of countries, farms and comparisons, complemented by strategy workshops on the further development of the network.
  • Supermarket and processor visits on the way from Semmering to Vienna.
  • A public forum, hosting decision makers and experts from agribusiness, research as well as cattle producers. Presentations by the agri benchmark partners cover hot issues of the beef industry in different parts of the world. After the lunch break, a question and answer session with industry representatives as well as Austria specific presentations will allow us to understand the specific situation, challenges and opportunities of beef production in Austria.

Programme of Beef Conference 2011 as Excel file

Press release of the 9th agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Network Conference 2011 in Austria (Semmering and Vienna, June 14–22)


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