Beef Conference 2009

The Beef Conference 2009 took place in Limoges (Limousin region) and Paris and was jointly organised by the Opens external link in new windowFrench Livestock Institute as well as the agri benchmark Centre. The Conference was again extended by one day and featured the following events:

  • 2.5 Office working days
  • 2 Excursion days
  • 1 Public day with invited speakers
  • 1 day of method, model and website training

 New countries in this year's exercise are Czech Republic, Mexico and Ukraine.

Highlights of the Conference that took place from June 23-26 were: 

  • New country presentations
  • Farm stories about production systems from selected countries
  • International comparisons including the new countries
  • Merging of the cow-calf and beef finishing enterprise to obtain a picture from birth to slaughter
  • Comparative emission analysis
  • Workshops on impacts of and adjustment strategies to the price hikes in 2008
  • Excursions to farms and processors
  • Invited speakers on the world beef situation and the French marketing initiatives of beef (public day)
  • Model training for beginners and advanced users


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