Our partners are the heart of the network and can be grouped into four categories.

Research partners

'Put your country in and get the world back': Research partners provide data, expertise and funding to the network. Universities, research institutions, farmers’ associations and governments are involved. The main criterion for forming partnerships is the expertise available. The branch sections provide partner lists and the world map displays the partners in each of our member countries.

Producers and advisors

All of our research partners work closely with producers and advisors in their countries. They provide farm data and management information through focus group discussions. In return, they receive a picture of 'their' farm in the national, regional and global comparison as well as specific analysis on farm adjustments and strategies.

Supporting partners

Supporting partners provide funding – and in some cases data and information – to the network. In return, they receive preferential access to the results and events. Our supporting partners are interested in our independent, non-political status which guarantees credible and reliable information.

Some of the supporting partners are clients for specific projects, too.

Institutional partners

Institutional partners are global organisations as well as institutions representing producers, industries and other stakeholders in the sectors. They acknowledge the network's value and benefits to policy and industry.

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