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agri benchmark initiates a solidarity action for Ukraine

Ukrainian people are fighting for their independence, for democracy and human rights, millions of refugees are fleeing. We feel obliged to support this struggle. The agri benchmark coordinators are shocked by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which is completely against international law and all humanitarian principles. Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends Andriy, Olga, Peter and[more]

Category: Fish

Facts and Figures: German Aquaculture under Pressure

trout farm germany

Aquaculture farms in Germany are generally exposed to high competitive pressure from abroad; currently, around 80% of the fish and seafood consumed is imported. Compared to 2019, the number of aquaculture farms in Germany actually decreased by 9%. Depending on the location and the cultivated fish species, however, aquaculture can certainly be carried out profitably in Germany. Typically, trout an[more]

Category: Beef and Sheep

Measuring the transition towards sustainable grazing systems

In the context of the 13th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture Claus Deblitz got the opportunity to present the agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Network and its research on silvopastoral systems as one means to mitigate climate change. Claus Deblitz, coordinator of the agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Network, was part of the expert panel “The power of many: enhancing climate change mitigation throu[more]

Category: Beef and Sheep

Climate change adaptation strategies in beef and sheep production

icon-fact sheet

The changing climate impacts beef and sheep production in a wide variety of ways and intensities. The ability of agricultural producers to cope with these effects depends on a large variety of factors – including managerial skills and knowledge, access to technologies and the availability of resources. This research bases on a qualitative survey among livestock production and economics experts [more]

Category: Beef and Sheep

Now available in Spanish language: FAO report on silvopastoral systems

cover fao report spanish

Many traditional livestock production systems in Latin America - based on grass monoculture - tend to deplete natural resources in a process of continuous degradation. As an alternative, silvopastoral systems (SPS) combine livestock production with rotational grazing using different pastures, forages, fodder shrubs and timber trees as parts of the same system. Within the scope of the Global Agen[more]

Category: Fish

The sea at heart: Understanding family-owned German brown shrimp fishery

shrimp trawler

The brown shrimp fishery is the most valuable coastal fishery in Germany. Family-owned beam trawlers under 20m length operating in the shallow Wadden Sea account for the vast majority of catches. We discussed the economic structure of a brown shrimp beam trawler with captains and managers. The focus group created a full-cost account of such a vessel according to the typical farm approach of agri [more]

Category: Fish

How Region-Marketing contributes to the Profitability of Carp Farms


The carp farmers of today face many challenges, with changing consumer habits, drought, losses of fish to avian predators and diseases presenting some of the most widespread threats. The results of an agri benchmark Fish study show that the traditional single grow-out and sale of fresh carp is scarcely profitable in Germany and Poland. Region-marketing seems to be a good means to create new marke[more]

Category: Beef and Sheep

Price Indices from the Producer's Perspective - An Alternative to the FAO Meat Price Indices

ab price index - teaser

The agri benchmark Network Beef and Sheep developed global price indices for bovine and ovine meat, representing the prices received by producers at the farm level. A short explanation of the results is presented in the following. A more detailed paper will be produced separately and published on the agri benchmark website. The current FAO Meat Price Indices are measures of the international me[more]

Category: Cash Crop

Review of the 2017 crop season: Crop production often a tight margin business

inspection of rice plants

From June 4th to 7th about 50 international agricultural economists met in Beijing for the annual agri benchmark Cash Crop Conference which was co-hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. All in all, crop production remains a tight margin business, some – mainly EU farms – even struggle to cover their cash and depreciation costs. Hence, reducing cost is of upmost importance for ma[more]

Category: Pig

Loose house sow keeping in piglet production


Based on agri benchmark Pig data different scenarios in regard of sow husbandry were calculated to learn about the economic effects of improving animal welfare in a typical piglet production farm in northern Germany. According to the requirements of the Animal Husbandry Ordinance, sows must be kept in groups for a period of more than four weeks after insemination until seven days before the calcu[more]

Category: Beef and Sheep

Can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and remain profitable at the same time?

argentinian feedlot

Agriculture has been identified as a contributor to global GHG emissions. In beef production methane emissions from enteric fermentation of ruminants are in the focus. Production systems with relatively low productivity, as they are often found in developing and emerging countries, appear to have a particular high potential to reduce GHG emissions. Studies on mitigation of GHG often focus on tec[more]

Category: Organic

Organic boom goes on

arable stripes greening

Against 11 million hectares in 1999, organic agricultural land surfaces have more than quintupled to amount up to 57.8 million hectares in 2018 while the organic market sextupled from 15.2 billion US Dollars in 1999 to almost 90 billion US Dollars at the end of 2016. These are figures out of the latest global data on organic farming that were presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agricult[more]

Category: Fish

Small scale carp farms need more than region-marketing in order to thrive


The marketing of carp regions attracts many visitors. But agri benchmark Fish studies show that these initiatives have not an significant impact on small scale carp farms´ profitability yet. Carp farmers face many challenges: changed consumers’ preferences; price competition; value chain’s imbalances; poor willingness to adapt innovations; lack of farm successors; high fish losses [more]

Category: Pig

End of the dry spell: situation of the pig sector looks brighter

historical poster

After a few years of downturn in many countries, the year 2016 showed positive signs for the profitability of pig production in many countries. At the same time, the global trade of pork and side-products is expanding further. These were key results of the annual Pig Conference which was run jointly by the two networks agri benchmark Pig und InterPIG in Wageningen. Both networks agreed a long-term[more]

Category: Cash Crop

Profitable crop production in Russia, Ukraine and Argentina will boost output and exports; European producers ahead of serious changes in their cropping systems

wheat exports germany

From June 12th to 15th more than 50 international agricultural economists met in Berlin for the annual Cash Crop Conference; this year´s conference was managed by the agri benchmark headquarter team at the Thünen Institute, Braunschweig, Germany. During this conference, economic results for 2016 crop production and related outlook for 2017 and ahead were presented. The first key finding: Due[more]

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