The agri benchmark Network was founded in 2006 as a cooperation between the Thünen Institute of Farm Economics and the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

In the field of beef and cash crops, agri benchmark is the successor of the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN). The dairy sector is covered through a cooperation with the European Dairy Farmers (EDF), managed by DLG.

Since 2016 global networks has taken over the operational tasks of the DLG.

In the following, a short description of the history and the roots of agri benchmark is given.



agri benchmark fish is established as a new branch in the agri benchmark Network. Starting point of the fish Network has been a study on trout farms in Turkey, Denmark and Germany. Other studies on saithe fisheries in the North Sea, pangasius aquaculture in Vietnam and carp cultures in Poland have been already started.


Two new branches are added: the agri benchmark Horticulture Network (at first focusing on apples and wine grapes) and the agri benchmark Pig Network.


The agri benchmark Beef Network is extended by sheep analysis. Consequently, the network's name is changed to 'agri benchmark Beef and Sheep Network'.


The founding year of the agri benchmark Network. The beef and crop branches of IFCN are now operated jointly by the Thünen Institute of Farm Economics and the German Agricultural Society (DLG).


The International Farm Comparison Network IFCN is founded jointly by Folkhard Isermeyer, Torsten Hemme and Claus Deblitz. The network starts with Dairy and then extends to Beef (2001) and Cash Crops (2003). In 2006, a re-organisation of the existing IFCN infrastructure is undertaken. New organisational structures are implemented to facilitate further and unrestricted growth for all product branches.

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