Clients and Project Partners

agri benchmark is recognised by a number of national and international organisations as a source of reliable information on agriculture through joint projects. The following is a short compilation. Links indicate either project sites or reports for download.


Since 2010, the FAO funded part of agri benchmark's expansion to the Maghreb states Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as well as Lesotho. agri benchmark was elected to chair the focus area 'Closing the efficiency gap' of the Opens external link in new windowGlobal Agenda for Sustainable Livestock. Furthermore, agri benchmark participates in work of FAO's Livestock Information, Sector Analysis and Policy Branch (AGAL) on mitigation strategies of greenhouse gas emissions.


The European Commission uses agri benchmark data and expertise. Studies and projects carried out cover the following areas:

  • Assessing farmers' costs of compliance with EU legislation in the fields of environment, animal welfare and food safety (publication anticipated for second quarter 2014)
  • Competitiveness of beef production in the US, Canada and the EU
  • Increasing cost of production – effects on commodity prices and the EU competitiveness


For OECD, agri benchmark carried out a study on 'Costs of production for beef and national cost share structures'. The purpose was to find out if and how agri benchmark farm data can be extrapolated to national levels to feed market and trade models with cost of production figures.


Nuffield International

Opens external link in new windowNuffield International is a body which encompasses all Nuffield Farming Scholarship organisations around the world. 

Nuffield International and agri benchmark signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in which both partners agree among other things to grow a network of experts in production system, value chains and related economic analysis and help developing countries and their institutions to establish and grow local expertise in crop. 

Therefore agri benchmark will suggest candidates for scholarships to Nuffield International and provide suggestions for topics for research projects that might be of interest to Nuffield International scholars and that would add value to agri benchmark’s research. Scholars, who work on these topics, receive help in accessing institutions and data that is essential for the completion of the research. This may include the invitation to do an internship at the agri benchmark Centre in Braunschweig and to take part in the annual agri benchmark Cash Crop Conference.


Bayer CropScience

In 2011, Bayer CropScience commissioned a study on the 'Perspectives in Global Wheat Production' to the agri benchmark Cash Crop Centre. A report is expected in the beginning of the year 2014.

Based on the input of agri benchmark partners from Argentina, the USA, France, Russia, Ukraine and China, information on the farm-level competition between wheat and other crops as well regarding future challenges in wheat production have been identified.

John Deere

John Deere is a supporting partner and a client at the same time. Projects operated for John Deere comprised

  • Establishment and analysis of typical farms in the Chinese corn belt
  • Analysis of farm operations


Meat and Livestock Australia is both a research partner and a client to agri benchmark. In a recent study called 'Benchmarking Australian and US-Feedlots' we compared the performance, the economics and the reasons for differences for selected feedlots in the countries analysed.

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